Friday, 17 April 2009

minding the gap.

London, England (March 20-23): The place where Sarah Spiegle shows Kelly, Carrie and soon Mark around! It was crazy how when we arrived we had to figure out how to get to our hostel and Sarah just kind lead Kelly and I there, pretty much God was leading through Sarah! It was amazing. Mark was meeting us later because he wanted to make sure Lauren got on her flight. But through buses, the crazy underground and walking we looked across the street to see the graffiti painted building say “Hostel 639” Yup, our hostel was pretty much the ghettoist place I have ever stayed.  It definitely tested all of our faith and trust in God. Every morning we prayed for our stuff and protection throughout the night! He sure is faithful. But the place was literally what you would think a hostel is. For breakfast, if you dared to have it, was a bowl full of cereal flakes with a big scooper and milk that could not be refrigerated. It was definitely an experience I don’t need to have again! We had a six room and for the first two nights we were blessed with just the four of us…but the last night it was a full house, with new friends George from the Netherlands and unknown man. And oh we also found another friend…the rodentizer. So the days were more so enjoyed when we were in the city! We got to see Lion King on Broadway, eat the best cookies ever from Ben’s Cookies, have pizza from stands, sit in this center area and listen to a great guitarist with sun on our faces, eat the biggest grapes ever seen, eat the best roasted peanuts on Tower Bridge, walked across the “so this is London bridge?” bridge, heard “mind the gap” more than I need to forget to actually mind the gap, meet up with my friend Ashley at a pub and had the best laughs ever, and just let God take the lead of our travels and let Him reveal amazing things to us!! London was probably one of the best times I have had now looking back on it! There was so much we did in such little time. We also saw the changing of the guards at Buckingham palace, walked and sat in a field of daffodils, found Peter Pan, saw what an angry swan looks like, got to see Big Ben during the day and night, saw a massive rollerblading crowd, went to an amazing church service at Hillsong and was taken out to lunch at the best noodle place ever by people of the church, got to experience how amazing Oreo’s taste when you are super hungry and just really got to know each other and were able to be filled with laughs as Mark taught Kelly and Sarah the best pose for a picture- “the blank stare”.  

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