Tuesday, 27 January 2009

crepes, bread and juice

sunday i had the most unique day. i have meet this couple, kenny and sandra, and they are starting a church here in glasgow. mark was here for the weekend and we both got invited to come to their service. it was held at their house...we sat on couches and had communion off of a coffee table! it was just the four of us. we had worship, prayer and kenny gave a sermon. the time was so amazing...church does not have to be the traditional way of being in a certain building with certain people. all that matters is the coming together of those that love Jesus! afterwards we all went and got crepes and hung out for a bit. it was a great second service in scotland!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

sea side and sea shells.

long over due...my adventure to st. andrews (that is a picture of Perth...haven't got one of St. Andrews yet)
quick bits and pieces.

-first 'official' date with mark- Rendezvous (little italian place) shared a ham panini while sitting on a bench hearing (it was late at night) the waves of the ocean! (unplanned but brilliant)
-went running on the beach and managed to run through the water barefoot, i believe it wa
s colder than lake superior by far.
-saw the original golf course! beautiful place, grandpa and dad would love it!
-most people seemed to have a dog and it walking itself...the common theme was not having a leash. Lily would not be allowed on the
streets of st. andrews.
-went to a small town called Perth, laughed a lot and saw random things such as these odd creatures on a railing (this is for mom and lauren). I saw sheep for the first time on the country side while on the bus.
Laughed a lot and danced in the streets!
-Mark and I developed this idea of searching for the best chocolate cake while being overseas. We have the top of the line cake of his mom and red lobster to set the bar, but we discovered a fabulous piece at a pizza place (of course...Italian) and well all i can say is mmmm. However the price of it for how small it was really put it in lower ranks. So when we find the best we are going to the baker and hi-fiving him :)
-Also experienced my fir
st church service in Scotland and it was amazing! They gave us coffee/tea and if you wanted one a biscuit (cookie)!

odds and ends...
the 'care' cafe there: right now its Couch...don'
t know another one.
gummies+taxi=much fun and a luxury

self check outs here don't like americans

a thing learned: let go of plans and just live the days for moments to happen!
a laugh: i saw this tree in Perth and if you look closely you can see a naked fat little 'tree man' trying to get in to the tree...yes that is my imagination!

Monday, 12 January 2009

ok so fashion...its everywhere. tights, skirts, scarfs, headbands, heels, boots, jackets...these two girls are probably just a little less dressed up then the usual...still for me its my nikes, jeans and white t-shirts.

eyes in a lens.

this would be my living situation. the windows and high ceilings are probably the best aspect to it. my space is on the left while antonia's is on the right! we also have a huge closet type thing and dressers. and oh a sink and mirror! great for brushing the teeth and washing the face!

the view from the windows.

the sun peeks through.

after a long weekend of rain, wind, clouds and getting dark around 4 (16:00 pm) there needed to be a prayer for sunshine. this morning i looked out the window and there is was...the sun peeking through the clouds!

what i am going to learn: how to be joyful in all circumstances...to be laughing throughout wet jeans and soaking feet.

new experience: strongbow cider. the subway. vegetable and fruit markets. Scottish scones with butter and jam. the expense of having to pay in pounds. phone booths.

when ordering a coffee that doesn't mean you are asking for black coffee...there are either lattes, cappu
ccinos, mochas, etc. If you want coffee you have to say "coffee black"

i started class today. just on: celtic civilizations
wednesdays i have two art classes all day: life drawing/painting and sculpture
thrusdays i am taking bag piping!!! sounds like a rough semester...i think not.

new words: "rubbish" "squinty" "oaky doke" "queries" "whilst"

Thursday, 8 January 2009

cranberry juice.

im not sure how a blog works but i thought it would be neat...so i am going to try this out...if there is a proper way dont expect me to follow it.
im in scotland, glasgow to be exact. a 'wee bit' chilly as they say, but its better than being in MN and running to my car, getting in and screaming because of the frozen toes while waiting for the heat.i can deal with rain but freezing temperatures are the death of me. i have been settleing myself in which has been kind of overwhelming as most people know me to be difficult with change. but i have found my place in a lovely room in a 'flat'. my roommate is from chile, Antonia. we made this pact that if i buy a hairdryer i can use her straightner! im excited to get closer to her and all the other flatmates.

things that i have done: looked the wrong way while crossing the street and almost getting hit. pronounced a ton of words wrong. have said "im sorry can you repeat that" too many times. ate the first night at "little italy", i just can't leave my heritage. saw a man let his dog pee on the side of a building. got told my key was "dodgy".

the 'care' place right now: Pico Cafe. i've been there twice and they already know me with my punch card. im not sure if thats a good or bad thing.
but they do say "cheers" when they hand me my cappicino as i americanly say
thank you.

the 'wee bit' odd place: a pub inside an old cathedral church.