Thursday, 1 October 2009

a new day. a new breath.

a lot has changed since i've come back to the states. a lot of days have gone by where i've only looked at this blog thinking if it all actually happened. the other night it finally hit me, about 4 months later i realized i wasn't walking the cobblestone streets or waking up in my glaswegian flat anymore to breathe the smoke and coffee filled air. it was the first time i cried about not being in scotland anymore, pictures...thats what did it. scotland was a hard country to live in but something about it impacted me, probably its cheeriness and relaxed pace of life. being imperfect was accepted more openly and acceptance of people was a lot more common. but the walking is something i actually kind of miss, i've realized i have become a little lazy since being home.
but once i landed may 28th i have been on a track of life changes and experiencing the life of having no time again. i was a bridesmaid in my best friend caitlin's wedding june 7th which was amazing. swimming pools, vacant bars, and then a night of dance, wine and best friends running around hotel rooms!
i spent the summer single and living at my moms new downtown stillwater home sharing a room with lauren. it was a house full of friends watching movies, playing wii, eating lasagna, long night cap talks and laughing. i was able to finish the 10 years of the t.v. show friends-which i started in scotland! quite the accomplishment i think! i also was able to get a hammock up on the deck which was my favorite place to be...reading harry potter so i could go see the what i thought was a lame movie...anticipating for a grand next one!
i babysat an adorable baby adele! i got to watch her learn to walk, talk and turn one! i made my first creative cake for her...a butterfly. it was so fun! she brought so much joy...listening to her make to most odd sounds and then being able to hold her till she fell asleep. beautiful. i did a lot with kids this summer which was great. i hadn't really been around them so it was great to learn how to play with them and try and relate to them. so i hung out with elementary kids isaac and izzie too, who were awesome! well at least when they thought i was cool they would play with me! we played hide and seek, sorry, and stack the cups haha. it was great! i also went to young life's castaway camp! thats where i hung out with high school students! it was great...going on a giant swing, parasail, and playing lots and lots of card games! getting to know high school girls hearts and how beautiful they are and gaining new amazing friendships. it was sweet.
i also got more involved with photography where i took some senior pictures. it was great to get more experience. i learned so much from each session and im excited to learn more and continue to improve!
my biggest change tho is probably that i have withdrawn from stout. i moved in but on the first day of classes i realized it wasn't where i wanted to be. this was something that i had been thinking and feeling for about the day i started there. so i finally got the courage to not go anymore and it has been one of the greatest decisions. it has been hard but it has been such an amazing experience. i've grown in confidence because i trusted my heart with the decision. i was so scared about leaving because of all these things such as laptop, adobe programs, insurance, a job, where i'd live, what i'd do and etc. but the Lord has been so good with helping me with everything...providing me all that i need! yay!
so...currently...i'm living at my dads with him and john in freezing temperatures. haha i where sweatpants, 2 sweatshirts, long underwear, a hat, scarf and mittens. its pretty hilarious! but save energy right...bundle up! but i work at caribou now, just started and its been one of the hardest jobs yet. i haven't got the hang of it yet but everyone tells me i will. its just overwhelming and hard to not be good at things right away ;) but im excited to be working there and learning more about coffee...because some day i may have my dream coffee house! young life is still a huge part of my life and i've been volunteering as a leader. right now i've come up with a skit (i'm maureen mcfanihatty, a high schooler going to bird watching camp) that will help sell fall castaway camp to kids hopefully. i do it with another leader stephanie who is martha murberry. she is going to knitting camp. its pretty funny. my life has been going through a lot of physical changes but also changes within myself which are good! i'm learning and growing so much and its amazing how when you ask God to help you with that He is right there to take the lead! so fun and exciting! still in the adventure with Him!

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