Tuesday, 2 February 2010

2 february 2010

when we have the opportunities to take on new adventures i don't think we should think twice about it. of course this a factor of prayer and discernment of where we should be going in relation to what God has planned for us. but wow the world is a beautiful place and being able to explore and enjoy it is a blessing! i've taken quite the leaps of faith this year and its been such an adventure. in the past i don't think i would have ever done what i am doing right now. scotland really opened me up to change and embracing new journeys. i am not in school right now, i got back and decided it wasn't exactly what i wanted to do. of course it seemed crazy to me to leave what has been so common for me the past 14 years but it needed to happen. that leap of faith has only let me continue to fly all over the place. yes its been really difficult learning how to be an "adult" and having to pay bills, work a ton of hours and still manage to keep your energy level high. i've learned to make coffee drinks in under 2 minutes at caribou while building relationships with the customers and coworkers, which has been honestly a roller coaster. but one step closer to having experience in the coffee biz to maybe own a coffee shop of my own! the most challenging bit about it all was trying to work with a broken hand at caribou. it was fun at first (the first planned 4-6 wks) but after about 2 months it was getting to me and to the customers haha. "carrie, when is that thing coming off" or "i thought you were suppose to have your cast off yesturday"...well, yes i had three dates both extended to get my cast off. CONTENTMENT. do you think that is what i was learning...i think so. even though circumstances turn to poop sometimes, our thoughts and attitudes can really determine our quality of life. i found very useful ways to see the positives of having a cast on forever...1) i could bang it on things and it wouldn't hurt. 2) it was a nice glove for those chilly days. 3) i could decorate it. 4) i could make up really cool stories about how it happened: best one...i fell off the safari truck in africa and broke it...kidding you not, someone believed that. the cast had its moments like when i let my friends take it off (the next day the dr would have done it so wasn't that bad of an idea ;) and it also became a game to learn to be left handed as fast as i could!!! BUT besides broken hands and bou making, i've been leading for Young Life and loving every second of it...so joyful! I sing songs like miley cyrus and taylor swift horribly and kids sing a long. ha quite the sight and 'sound'. i also got to stay up all night with sophomores for an overnight! but being around them every monday night is a boost of energy, they make life fun and entertaining and im so happy i get to be in their lives and try to be an example...key word try. no ones perfect but its great to be there for them! one of the greatest moments of the week however, is waiting outside Rutherford Elementary school. such a cool sight seeing all these little kids break through the doors and run for time to play and be outside! then i get to see izzie's cute little face and hang out with her and her brother isaac tuesday and thursday nights!! so fun! we go sledding, play wii, hide and go seek and cards. we made gingerbread houses and have had movie and pizza night! love it. of course it can be tiring some days and hard to keep the conversations and energy going but they are two amazing kids i love taking care of! so this year off from school has been great and very fruitful...yummy apples! ha. but its been a hard year but a growing year. if im not growing, i dont think i'm living. thats my motto. even if its hard stuff to deal with, those are the moments you really get to know yourself and become a better person...hopefully! right now i have just moved into an amazing apartment above a families house and i live with two amazing girls. its been such a great time already and i cant wait for more fun adventures.

just dancing thru it all!

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